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Why Visit Pottstown Auto Wash and Detail Center?
Benefit #1: You’ll Protect Your Investment
If you do not wash your car at least once or twice a month, your vehicle is suffering from environmental damage more and more each day! Rain leaves a film of acid on your car which can permanently damage the vehicle’s finish. Road salt and brine can corrode your vehicle’s undercarriage and paint finish. Bird droppings, road grime and tree sap can leave permanent stains on clear coat surfaces. What’s the outcome of all this damage? LOST $$$ when it comes time to sell or trade-in your vehicle.

Benefit #2: Pottstown Auto Wash is Environmentally Friendly
We use water efficient equipment and recycling systems to clean vehicles thoroughly, while conserving water. Driveway washing can use up to 10 times more water per-vehicle than a professional car wash. In addition, we pump any non-recycled water directly to the sanitary sewer and ultimately to a treatment facility. Driveway washing pollutes the environment as the harsh cleaning agents and road grime (oil, tar, dirt) end up in storm sewers. This water eventually flows into lakes, streams and even drinking water aquifers!!!

Benefit #3: Emotional Satisfaction
Most people view their vehicles as a reflection of personality or status. A smaller group looks at their vehicle as simply a means of transportation. Regardless of what your car means to you, most of us feel a sense of pride when our car is clean. We feel more organized too!
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